Collaboration begins with Artistic Directors Ashley Bowman and Claire Hancock who co-founded Artifact Dance Project in 2009.  They continue this spirit of collaboration by programming seasons with local and national artists across diverse genres.



Arizona Choir, Director, Bruce Chamberlain - Tucson AZ

The Rogue Theatre, Directors Cynthia Meier & Joseph McGrath - Tucson AZ

True Concord Voices & Orchestra, Director, Eric Holtan - Tucson AZ

St. Andrew's Bach Society, Director, Ben Nisbet - Tucson AZ

Tucson Girls Chorus, Director, Dr. Marcela Molina - Tucson AZ

Composers/Music Directors

Ben Nisbet, Music Director (2009-2015), founding member

Carla Ecker, Music Director (2009-2010), founding member

Kevin Justus, Music Director

Dan Coleman, Composer

Vin Calianno, Composer

Chris Black, Composer

Richard Hereld, Composer

Rob McClure, Composer

Ryan Alfred, Composer

Zack Hemsey, Composer

Music Ensembles/Bands

Kingfisher String Quartet - Ben Nisbet, violin - Ellen Chamberlain, violin - Anne Gratz, cello - Emma Noel Votapek, viola

Reverie, band -  Lane Harmon, lead vocals - Roger King, bass/vocals - Tom Dukes, guitar/vocals

DJ Sync

Ryanhood, band - Ryan David Green & Cameron Hood (for Surrounding Dillinger: Cameron Hood - voice, acoustic guitar / Ryan David Green - voice, acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin / Paul Jenkins - piano, voice / Ryan Alfred - bass / Nadim Shehab - drums

Frida, ensemble - Lane Harmon: Vocals - Roger King: Vocals, guitar - Heather Hardy: Violin, vocals - Danny Brito: Drums, percussion - Mike Levy: Bass, vocals - Matt Mitchell: Guitar

The Missing Parts, band

Copper and Congress, band

Tesoro, band

Brittany Katter

Rebecca Carlson, vocals - Chris Black, bass - Daniel "Sly" Slipetsky, piano -  Fred Hayes, drums

Zephyrus Trio d’anches: Cynthia Behmer, oboe - Kevin L. Justus, clarinet - Cassandra Bendickson, bassoon


Ben Nisbet, violinist

Carla Ecker, violinist

Kevin Justus, clarinet

Korby Myrick, mezzo-soprano

Lauren Roth, violinist - Concertmaster, Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Alexander Tentser, pianist

William Patterson, pianist

Paul Gibson, percussion

Kelli Workman, vocals

Katherine Byrnes, vocals

Sissy Bell, vocals

Rebecca Carlson, vocals

Charlie Hall, vocals

Ryan Alfred, bass/vocals

Ryan Green, guitar/vocals

Tom Ginsberg, viola

Ian Jones, cello

Cynthia Behmer, oboe

Derek Granger, saxophone & clarinet

Adam Ackermann, trumpet

Ken Marrs, bass

Tristen Roger, guitar

Naim Amor, vocals, guitar

Cassandra Bendickson, bassoon

Mary Turcotte, pianist

Samantha Bounekeua, violin

Robert Marshall, cello

Grace Kawamura, violin

Choreographers, Actors, Film Artists, Visual Artists

David Alexander Johnston, actor, set designer

Joshua Blake Carter, choreographer

David Berkley, choreographer (1954-2001)

Tammy Dyke-Compton, choreographer

Chris Compton, choreographer

Rick Wamer, mime

Grant Bashore, mime

Cylan William Shaffer, film director

Joe Pagac, muralist